2.490 kr.

The Cuticle Bit Ball features a wide diameter ball-shape with a coarse grit that provides a safe and effective way to clean the eponychium and remove hard skin above the nail plate. It's perfect for removing loose cuticle lifted from the nail plate, and finishing and smoothing of the side and back walls while doing manicures and pedicures, including callus and sidewall polishing.

More info:

  • Diamond Bit
  • Coarse Grit
  • Standard shank size 3/32" (fits all professional nail e-files)

Follow these steps to clean and sanitize your drill bits:

  • Step #1
    Clean your metal carbide bits to remove debris from the surface by washing with a small cleaning brush, soap and warm water.
  • Step #2
    Soak your drill bits in liquid disinfectant for the time marked on the label to disinfect them. 
    • ** Be sure not to leave your bits soaking for too long as this could start to erode and remove the beautiful coating on your Kiara Sky drill bits!
  • Step #3
    Dry your drill bits completely and store away. 

And there you have it! Squeaky clean and shining Kiara Sky bits that are as good as new!

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