REMOVAL FOIL - Álþynnur með bómull 20 stk

450 kr.

Leave the mess behind! Kiara Sky’s Removal Foils are the ultimate hassle-free solution for mess-free nail removal. Our pre-cut foil wraps make your nail removal sessions faster, and more effective than ever before. With a snug, pre-cut design that ensures maximum coverage for each nail, our wraps create a sealed environment that allows acetone to penetrate deeply and quickly, without any spills or mess. Experience the ultimate in nail removal and soak-off convenience with our Removal Foils.


  • Super absorbent cotton absorbs the perfect amount of acetone
  • Retains heat to speed up removal process
  • Keeps acetone in direct contact with nail product at all times
  • Snug and pre-cut
  • Mess-free removal
  • 200 pieces

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